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Workshops with Just About Art

We all need to be messy, creative, curious and also be emotionally independent. Here is a set of workshops designed for you to experience, learn and relax and also explore your creativity.

Two Day Workshops


It's a beautiful technique that helps you create relaxing patterns. With no rules to shapes and structure. These abstract patterns help you relax and de-stress. In this workshop we explore free hand exercises and simple concepts of how to use lines in the most creative manner.

This Workshop can also be gifted to a loved one, whom you think would enjoy it!  It is also perfect for corporate team activities  or Friends fun time together 

Materials Required -

Micron/Artline Pen and a Book

Age Group - 18 years and above

Workshop Option - Online

Theraputic Pattern Making

Duration - 2 hrs / day


Relaxing Watercolor Doodling

Duration - 2 hrs / day

A fun workshop where we will explore shades and blending in watercolors. A peep into simple doodling/pattern making. With these two simple techniques we learn to create 6 blocks of different patterns and themed doodles. Creating something from scratch is the best feeling. Let's start with something small. 

Materials Required -

- Art Paper (A4  or A3 Size)

- Micron or Artline Pen

- Water Colour

Age Group - 10 Years and above

Workshop Option - Online

Skill based Workshops



for Beginners

24 or 36 Sessions

This is a beginners course to learn all about the basics of Acrylic painting, learning about shades, techniques of  blending colours, introduction to brushes - uses, clean and care, colour wheel, creating layers on canvas, step out, learn tools that help elevate texturing

Materials - Everything is Included in the  course

Duration - 24 or 36 Sessions (2 hours per session - Twice or Thrice a week)

Age - 10 Years and above

Open for Adults!


Watercolor and Doodling Workshop

8 or 12 Sessions

This subtle medium is definitely underestimated. If you are a soul who loves blending shades, appreciates little things about nature, open to explore and feel every shade. Watercolour is definitely your medium to work with.

What will you learn?

- Hand movement exercises

- Blending

- Colour Swatches & Colour Wheel

- Pattern Making

- Themed Painting & Doodles

- End Product Designing

Materials - Everything is Included in the  course

Duration - 8 or 12 Sessions (2 hours per session - Twice or Thrice a week)


Age - 12 Years and above


Doodle Art for Beginners

8 or 12 Sessions

Doodling comes naturally to most of us. All out last pages in our notebooks have alot to say! With a bit of technique and polishing, you can create some fun and quirky doodles. Your creative thinking bursts out through this medium of expression.

What will you learn?

- Basics of Lines and curves

- Simple shapes and characters

- Doodling faces  

- Word Doodling 

- Ideation process 

- Themed Doodling 

Materials - Everything is Included in the  course

Duration - 8 or 12 Sessions (2 hours per session - Twice or Thrice a week)


Age - 12 Years and above


Woodworking is a beautiful art, although it may not be delicate as some artwork is. Creating beautiful things out of planks of wood is truly a wonderful and beautiful form of art that takes talent. In this workshop you will learn the very basics of this amazing craft

What will you learn?

- Hand Tools - Usage and application

- Power Tools - Usage and application

- Finishing - Overview and application

- Build a Stool from scratch

Materials - Everything is Included in the course

Duration - 4 Sessions (2.5 hours per session)

Age - 18 Years and above

Woodworking for Beginners

4 Sessions

Art Experience and Therapy


Therapeutic Art


8 or 12 Sessions

We use art as a form of expression and use therapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve your emotional wellbeing. This creative therapy will also help you to de-stress and improve self esteem

Participant does not need to have artistic ability or special talent to participate in art therapy

Materials - All materials will be provided

Duration - 8 or 12 Sessions (2hrs per session)

Age - 18 years and above

Art Experience2.jpg

Explore your imagination through different mediums. You will design and create using the below mediums in this workshop.  

Self Expression

- Acrylic Pour on Canvas

- Terracota Chimes or Doodle your Calendar


- Dream catcher 

- Knitting/Crochet (You will have to try out both and see what technique interests you better. With this technique you can design and create a product

Up cycled

- Pet Themed Wooden Décor or Home Blocks  Key holder


- Wooden Planter with bottles 

- Pot your plant

You get to take home everything on the last day of the workshop!

Materials - All materials will be provided

Duration - 12 to 18 Sessions (2hrs per session)

Age - 5 Years and above. Adults and Senior Citizens

Art Experience Workshop

12 to 18 Sessions

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