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Just About Art


We create designs and products with A shade of “your character”, a twist to life and a glimpse of your dream, an artistic frequency that brings you back to who you are. It’s with this thread of emotions that we create, design and hand-make them with love. Every creation from Just About Art has a character and a story. We play with paint on fresh walls and we upcycle wood for quirky home decor products. We design, create, upcycle and customize! Welcome to a little artistic world of Just About Art!

Pretty Little Things

Bespoke Furniture

Our Little Handmade Store

Custom Made


Diana and Nitish, enthusiasts of exploring life through passion inspired them to launch this artful character called “Just About Art” It was only a thought, an idea that had to begin from the roots of its character. She is a brand who magnets herself to a soul who loves art and color. She is curious, aggressive and loves to explore. The traveler instinct never stops her from connecting to different levels of being inspired. 

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